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Senior Property Manager: Dutch Schultz

Dutch Schultz is a seasoned property manager, with years of experience managing distressed properties. He was previously associated with Revolution Properties LLC, located in Portland, CT, where he held the position of Senior Property Manager. Throughout his career, Dutch has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving and optimizing the management of properties facing various challenges, including those that are financially distressed. His expertise in navigating these complex situations has made him a valuable asset to property owners and investors alike.

Dutch Schultz is excited to announce his relocation to Hartford, Connecticut, where he will be offering property assessment and management services. His experience in managing distressed properties uniquely positions him to provide valuable insights into the upkeep and maintenance of properties. Dutch’s expertise will be especially useful to owners who are preparing their properties for sale or those looking to maintain their properties in a cost-effective and efficient manner. He is committed to providing affordable management services while ensuring that property owners’ needs are met and their expectations are exceeded.

Dutch Schultz’s management style is straightforward and effective. He is a firm believer in focusing on the task at hand and working on behalf of both the property owner and tenants to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. He understands the importance of complying with state and federal laws and works diligently to ensure that all aspects of property management are in line with regulations. Dutch takes pride in being a transparent communicator, keeping all parties informed of developments and changes that may impact the property. His proactive approach ensures that potential issues are addressed before they become significant problems.

Dutch Schultz’s experience in property management extends beyond managing distressed properties. He has a proven track record of helping other property managers build their reputations while he handled all the day-to-day operations to ensure a seamless experience for owners and tenants. Dutch takes pride in offering top-level services at affordable prices, without compromising quality. His extensive network of contractors and realtors, along with his strong ties with city officials, makes him a valuable ally for anyone in the property management industry. Dutch’s experience and connections allow him to navigate complex situations with ease, ensuring that owners’ and tenants’ needs are met efficiently and effectively.

If you would like a FREE consultation feel free to email Dutch at:


Get Free Promotion and Support for Your Music on YouTube

As an indie artist, it can be difficult to gain exposure and promote your music without a team behind you. That’s where INFO GENIUS 360 on YouTube, comes in – they offer free promotion and support on YouTube to help you reach a wider audience.

What They Offer: We will subscribe to your YouTube channel and create a free blog write-up that includes your music, social media links, and the video we create for you. We will also post the write-up and video on INFO GENIUS 360’s YouTube channel, which has a growing audience.

How to Get Started: To get started, all you have to do is follow two simple rules:

1) Subscribe to INFO GENIUS 360 on YouTube

2) Turn on notifications

3) give the first video a like and comment.

Once you’ve completed these steps, they will reach out to you to start the promotion process.

Limited-Time Offer: They are offering this free service to the first 1,000 artists who reply, and they will receive a lifetime of free promotion throughout the MUSIC NETWORK 1063 network on Twitter. This is a great opportunity for any artist interested in real support, real networking, and real help with getting their music promoted in a professional manner.

At INFO GENIUS 360, they believe that every indie artist deserves a chance to be heard. They are committed to helping you reach your goals and grow your fanbase through their free promotion and support on YouTube. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – subscribe to INFO GENIUS 360 today and start promoting your music for free!

You can email: for more information or – to sign up for promotion <~ include as much info about your music as possible so we can submit it to the people at INFO GENIUS 360, for their video marketing service.



When did you start creating music and what inspired you to become a recording artist? : I started when I was 23 about 2 years ago Drake was definitely my biggest inspiration to start as well all the challenges I’ve faced and hard times

How Old Are You and How Does That Hurt or Help Your Ambitions in Music ? : 25 years old and honestly I don’t think it makes or breaks an artist to be a certain age definitely might be tougher being a little older and starting but I think I started at an amazing age

Tell The Reader About Your Latest Project – what is it about – and – what inspired you to make it? : Heaven N Hell was my latest project and one night these lyrics just came to my mind just out of nowhere and I started writing them down and it just made sense we live in a world where I believe you choose weather u wanna live in Heaven or Hell

Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS and What are you doing to get there? : I see myself being a very unique and talented artist (individual) inspiring others all around the world this can happen by just working hard staying focused and being determined


Mr. Keys 

Emilio Medrano, a Dominican Republic composer and producer, has created a musical alter ego named Mr.Keys, specializing in lofi music. Mr.Keys’ music is a diverse range of chill and soulful sounds, spanning lofi hip hop, jazzhop, chillhop, and lofi house. The music is perfect for anyone seeking a relaxing and inspiring soundtrack while studying, working, sleeping, or just relaxing.

Mr.Keys’ unique blend of eclectic rhythms, soothing melodies, and atmospheric soundscapes takes listeners on a musical journey that is both calming and invigorating. Each of his tracks is accompanied by stunning visual art created by a team of talented illustrators.

Mr.Keys’ latest release is called “Lover’s Paradise (III)”, a love lofi hip hop track that tells the story of two lovers whose relationship will be explored in later releases. The song was produced by Mr.Keys and Tone The Angel, with guitarist Amaury Pumarol’s collaboration. The cover of the single, designed by Pikazart (Lorena Aquino), adds a visually appealing and romantic touch to the song.

“Lover’s Paradise (III)” is now available on all music streaming platforms. Mr.Keys is an artist whose music is perfect for lovers of lofi or anyone looking for a fresh and unique sound to add to their playlist. So, sit back, relax, and let the smooth sounds of Mr.Keys transport you to a world of pure musical bliss.





What Kind of Music Do You Make? (Genre) : R&B

When did you start creating music and what inspired you to become a recording artist? : I started making music when I was around 17 but I didn’t start releasing my music until now. My love of music came from my moms side of the family and it just continued to grow. My sister Tiera Deniell and other artist such as Beyoncé, Iyla, and Jazmine Sullivan are some of my inspirations to start recording and releasing my music.

How Old Are You and How Does That Hurt or Help Your Ambitions in Music ? : I’m 20 it helps me want to go harder because I am still young and it makes me want to work harder to get to where I want to be one day if I continue to push and work hard and perfect my craft.

Tell The Reader About Your Latest Project – what is it about – and – what inspired you to make it? : My latest and first project titled Emotional Baggage is out now on all streaming platforms. It’s about all of the feelings you would go through in a relationship and after a breakup. It tells a story from starting in the relationship and ending with the song emotional baggage that you are left with after l. My own personal emotions actually inspired this project and it gave me a place and opportunity to tell my emotions through something I love witch is music and doing something I live witch is singing and songwriting.

Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS and What are you doing to get there? : I see myself having a loyal and honest fanbase and still releasing music. I plan on also having my own therapy business in the works as well. Five years from now I will probably still be in school getting another degree and finishing my therapy license. Music is my first love and therapy is a passion of mine as well I plan on working on both.


Instagram: Zaiiizayyy
Twitter: Zaiizayy
Facebook: Izaiah Fortenberry

Neftali Sun

What Kind of Music Do You Make? (Genre) : I make Hip Hop. And I have created a style proper to me that I called ” Le Hip Hop Des Nuits Déchirées “
Literally ” The Hip Hop Of The Wounded Nights “

When did you start creating music and what inspired you to become a recording artist? : I started doing music since 1995 and I was inspired by a lot of African musicians like Fela Kuti, for they fight for Freedom and Justice.

So around 2003 I left my country and travel by land to go to Senegal because it’s the capital city of the African Hip Hop and I wanted to meet all the masters.

The journey was hard, the learning was swift but it was a process I intended to do to better understand myself and the others and be ready to translate it into music.

The results always shows in everything I did and do.

How Old Are You and How Does That Hurt or Help Your Ambitions in Music ? : I am 42 and I don’t think it’s an handicap or an advantage because Music never stops flowing from the mind of the reel.

Anyway, been older puts a lot of things in perspective and makes me understand that it’s never late to pass the torch.

Tell The Reader About Your Latest Project – what is it about – and – what inspired you to make it? : After a long period of absence due to some personal matters I decided after my two first albums to come back with a project that will summarise my experience in Africa mostly and my travels out of the continent.

In my last project I speaks a lot about how we are losing the touch with our reality but also share a great bits of my native culture to the world. To make them understand the beauty of the African Hip Hop concept.

Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS and What are you doing to get there? : I am not really a fan of projection because if I’ve learned something is that anything can happen in any moment so I enjoy the present more.

However I really see myself performing and sharing love all over the world for all these years to come.
So I put all my resources to create and provide something which will be useful to Human kind.

That’s what I can do as an artist. The rest I can’t control it.

MUSIC LINKS – and – SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES : Listen to Encore plus qu’hier. by Sun Neftali on #SoundCloud

Twitter: @Neftalisun

American Urban Pop Artist Layna Lae Releases Uplifting New Single “Throw It All Away

As a business manager for indie artist, I often come across talented artists who are making their way in the industry. Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing from Layna Lae, an American Urban Pop Artist/Songwriter based in Waldorf, MD. Layna’s music is inspired by personal life experiences, and her lyrics reflect the struggles and triumphs of her journey. Her music is a testament to the power of music as therapy, as she seeks to spread peace, love, and positivity through her art.

Layna recently released her new single “Throw It All Away,” a mood-boosting “feel good” track that showcases her talent as a lyricist and vocalist. The single is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, LaynaLaeVEVO, YouTube, and other music streaming platforms.

The song is an anthem for those who are battling anxiety and struggling to find a way forward. Layna’s lyrics are uplifting, and the catchy melody is sure to get stuck in your head. The single comes with a lyric video that perfectly captures the mood of the song, and is available on YouTube and Apple Music.

Layna’s social media presence is impressive, with links to her music and other platforms available on her Linktree page. Her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok accounts are active and engaging, providing fans with behind-the-scenes glimpses into her creative process.

As Layna continues to come into her own as an artist, I have no doubt that she will continue to make an impact in the music industry. Her commitment to mental wellness and spreading positivity through her music is inspiring, and her talent is undeniable. If you’re a fan of Urban Pop, be sure to check out Layna Lae’s new single “Throw It All Away” on your favorite music streaming platform.

IG @TheRealLaynaLae

💫 ‘Copycat’ is out now! 

Any artist can be ready for a industry meeting within a 6 month period without spending a million dollars, they just need to focus on TWO things…

Written By Dutch Schultz of Strictly Bidness

KEEP YOUR MONEY! That’s probably one of the most sarcastic sayings I have, it’s my aggressive way of telling the artist to THINK before they spend their money.

Strategy and managing situations isn’t hard so the services I offer may seem a little annoying to a person who thinks they are on the right course when they been off roading since they started.

Life isn’t about – talking trash and kicken ass but on social media it’s hard not to get in the mix of trash talking when you deal with indie artist who literally think that everyone is going to make a ton of money – off of them – when they can’t make a little money – on their own.

WHY sign to a label and WHY do you think you can do it yourself without any help ?

These are questions MOST ARITIST never ask themselves but I’m consistently thinking about – the WHY and the WHAT and the HOW – because we need to figure out WHY we are making the decisions we are making and WHAT we are going to do so we can figure out HOW we can get to where we want to be.

Sarcasm is a excellent way to break tension when a artist is lying to you about something and you need them to be honest so we can figure out where we are going to go – you want a big show but no one knows who you are – you argue that everyone knows you and my response is – “who knows you that isn’t producing music on their end?” – which can create friction because it’s hard to talk truth to people who believe they are part of a industry.

The ONLY industry most of these artist are part of is the industry of software programmers and fake promotion teams who literally are in the business of selling false hope to artist who have the ability to get attention – we just need to direct things a little and stay on course so we can make wise decisions based off real results.

Real results based on real work and for some artist that may seem daunting, because there is no sure thing stating that their efforts will be received by anyone the way we want them to receive it. There are so many variables it’s hard to speak on anything specifically but the contributing factors are as superficial as staring in the mirror.

Information is at every ones finger tips so now everyone knows everything but application of knowledge can be a little harder then most would like to admit. That’s really the biggest problem, stopping people from tripping over their own feet.

Digital and virtual services are extremely difficult to produce for people who are busy being celebrities but here is the simple fact. Artist who work with me need to focus on two things, the first – making their press kit and updating their press kits with relevant music related information.

The second thing that indie artist need to work on is their stage presence and ability to be a positive contribution to any show they participate in.

This is the most cost effective way to guide a person to becoming industry ready within a six month period assuming that they have the ability to produce okay quality music.

There are more factors but let’s speak on a bare minimum basis because I don’t want anyone to assume we are talking about pumping and dumping anyone with a Iphone into the equation, but fact is that you can create artist out of thin air if you find people who are willing to invest the time, energy and talent into really building up a for a serious industry run.

My suggestion to any artist who is really invested in saving money while building up their experience and preparing themselves for a industry run, they should use GOOGLE and make a check list as to what makes up a press kit. They should look up local showcases/open mics and they should start performing while – building their press kit with content they make preparing for these shows.

You will get caught up in your local market but – if you stay focused you can make everything you do a solid foundation towards the next level of your career and if you are like many indie artist, this is a great way to solidify your local fan base while – using the experience for the much needed stuff that every indie artist needs so they don’t look like fresh fish once they start traveling to other markets.

ModaPit’s Mysterious Persona Shines in “Falling in Love,” Their Second Single Off Debut LP

ModaPit, the enigmatic electronic music project shrouded in mystery, has just released their second single, “Falling in Love,” off their highly anticipated debut LP. With its dreamy vocals and ethereal production, “Falling in Love” is a hauntingly beautiful track that transports the listener to another world.

The track opens with a soft piano melody and distant vocals, creating an atmosphere of introspection and melancholy. As the track progresses, layers of synths and percussion are added, building towards the climactic chorus.

The chorus is where the track really shines, with soaring vocals and a powerful beat that drives the song forward. The lyrics are introspective and contemplative, exploring the ups and downs of falling in love and the emotions that come with it.

But ModaPit isn’t just about making great music – they’re also about creating a unique experience for their fans. The project is shrouded in mystery, with little known about the artist behind the music or their creative process.

This sense of mystery adds to the allure of ModaPit and creates a sense of anticipation for their debut LP. Fans are left wondering what the project will bring next and eagerly anticipating its release.

Overall, “Falling in Love” is a fantastic track that showcases ModaPit’s talent as producers and their ability to create music that’s both emotive and ethereal. With its haunting vocals and dreamy production, it’s a track that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

So, if you’re looking for some great new music to add to your playlist, be sure to check out ModaPit’s “Falling in Love” and stay tuned for their debut LP – this is one mysterious project that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on!

In conclusion, ModaPit’s “Falling in Love” is a stunning track that showcases their unique sound and mysterious persona. With their emotive lyrics and ethereal production, ModaPit is sure to make a lasting impression on the electronic music scene. So, sit back, relax, and let ModaPit take you on a journey – you won’t be disappointed!

BingeWatch’s Infectious New Single “LA to NY” Takes You on a Groovy Ride and Raises Awareness for Mental Health on Tour

BingeWatch, the dynamic electronic duo comprised of producers Dizzy and Manic, has just released a new single that’s sure to get your body moving. Titled “LA to NY,” this infectious track showcases BingeWatch’s ability to blend different genres and styles to create a sound that’s uniquely their own.

The track opens with a funky bassline and chopped vocal samples, setting the tone for what’s to come. As the track builds, layers of synths and percussion are added, creating a sense of energy and excitement that’s hard to resist.

The drop is where the track really shines, with a catchy vocal hook and a driving beat that’s perfect for dancing. The track’s upbeat tempo and infectious groove make it the perfect party starter, and it’s easy to imagine a packed dance floor moving to the beat.

But BingeWatch isn’t just about making great music – they’re also committed to giving back to their community. In addition to the release of “LA to NY,” BingeWatch has announced a series of tour dates to raise awareness and funds for mental health.

The tour, which kicks off in Los Angeles and ends in New York, will feature a mix of live performances and DJ sets, with a portion of the proceeds going to mental health organizations in each city.

It’s refreshing to see artists using their platform to make a positive impact, and BingeWatch’s commitment to mental health is both admirable and inspiring.

Overall, “LA to NY” is a great track that showcases BingeWatch’s talent as producers and their ability to create music that’s both fun and meaningful. With its infectious groove and catchy vocal hook, it’s a track that’s sure to get stuck in your head and keep you dancing all night long.

So, if you’re looking for some great new music to get you moving, be sure to check out BingeWatch’s “LA to NY” and catch them on tour to support a great cause!

In conclusion, BingeWatch’s “LA to NY” is a fantastic track that showcases their talent as producers and their commitment to giving back to their community. With their infectious sound and positive message, it’s no wonder that BingeWatch is quickly becoming a household name in the electronic music scene. So, turn up the volume and get ready to dance – BingeWatch is here to stay!