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Any artist can be ready for a industry meeting within a 6 month period without spending a million dollars, they just need to focus on TWO things…

Written By Dutch Schultz of Strictly Bidness

KEEP YOUR MONEY! That’s probably one of the most sarcastic sayings I have, it’s my aggressive way of telling the artist to THINK before they spend their money.

Strategy and managing situations isn’t hard so the services I offer may seem a little annoying to a person who thinks they are on the right course when they been off roading since they started.

Life isn’t about – talking trash and kicken ass but on social media it’s hard not to get in the mix of trash talking when you deal with indie artist who literally think that everyone is going to make a ton of money – off of them – when they can’t make a little money – on their own.

WHY sign to a label and WHY do you think you can do it yourself without any help ?

These are questions MOST ARITIST never ask themselves but I’m consistently thinking about – the WHY and the WHAT and the HOW – because we need to figure out WHY we are making the decisions we are making and WHAT we are going to do so we can figure out HOW we can get to where we want to be.

Sarcasm is a excellent way to break tension when a artist is lying to you about something and you need them to be honest so we can figure out where we are going to go – you want a big show but no one knows who you are – you argue that everyone knows you and my response is – “who knows you that isn’t producing music on their end?” – which can create friction because it’s hard to talk truth to people who believe they are part of a industry.

The ONLY industry most of these artist are part of is the industry of software programmers and fake promotion teams who literally are in the business of selling false hope to artist who have the ability to get attention – we just need to direct things a little and stay on course so we can make wise decisions based off real results.

Real results based on real work and for some artist that may seem daunting, because there is no sure thing stating that their efforts will be received by anyone the way we want them to receive it. There are so many variables it’s hard to speak on anything specifically but the contributing factors are as superficial as staring in the mirror.

Information is at every ones finger tips so now everyone knows everything but application of knowledge can be a little harder then most would like to admit. That’s really the biggest problem, stopping people from tripping over their own feet.

Digital and virtual services are extremely difficult to produce for people who are busy being celebrities but here is the simple fact. Artist who work with me need to focus on two things, the first – making their press kit and updating their press kits with relevant music related information.

The second thing that indie artist need to work on is their stage presence and ability to be a positive contribution to any show they participate in.

This is the most cost effective way to guide a person to becoming industry ready within a six month period assuming that they have the ability to produce okay quality music.

There are more factors but let’s speak on a bare minimum basis because I don’t want anyone to assume we are talking about pumping and dumping anyone with a Iphone into the equation, but fact is that you can create artist out of thin air if you find people who are willing to invest the time, energy and talent into really building up a for a serious industry run.

My suggestion to any artist who is really invested in saving money while building up their experience and preparing themselves for a industry run, they should use GOOGLE and make a check list as to what makes up a press kit. They should look up local showcases/open mics and they should start performing while – building their press kit with content they make preparing for these shows.

You will get caught up in your local market but – if you stay focused you can make everything you do a solid foundation towards the next level of your career and if you are like many indie artist, this is a great way to solidify your local fan base while – using the experience for the much needed stuff that every indie artist needs so they don’t look like fresh fish once they start traveling to other markets.


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The Goal is to help artist get heard while building my platform. The most difficult part of this is getting the artist to understand - we need them to support the blog for it to serve their needs. #WeDoThis

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