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American Urban Pop Artist Layna Lae Releases Uplifting New Single “Throw It All Away

As a business manager for indie artist, I often come across talented artists who are making their way in the industry. Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing from Layna Lae, an American Urban Pop Artist/Songwriter based in Waldorf, MD. Layna’s music is inspired by personal life experiences, and her lyrics reflect the struggles and triumphs of her journey. Her music is a testament to the power of music as therapy, as she seeks to spread peace, love, and positivity through her art.

Layna recently released her new single “Throw It All Away,” a mood-boosting “feel good” track that showcases her talent as a lyricist and vocalist. The single is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, LaynaLaeVEVO, YouTube, and other music streaming platforms.

The song is an anthem for those who are battling anxiety and struggling to find a way forward. Layna’s lyrics are uplifting, and the catchy melody is sure to get stuck in your head. The single comes with a lyric video that perfectly captures the mood of the song, and is available on YouTube and Apple Music.

Layna’s social media presence is impressive, with links to her music and other platforms available on her Linktree page. Her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok accounts are active and engaging, providing fans with behind-the-scenes glimpses into her creative process.

As Layna continues to come into her own as an artist, I have no doubt that she will continue to make an impact in the music industry. Her commitment to mental wellness and spreading positivity through her music is inspiring, and her talent is undeniable. If you’re a fan of Urban Pop, be sure to check out Layna Lae’s new single “Throw It All Away” on your favorite music streaming platform.

IG @TheRealLaynaLae

💫 ‘Copycat’ is out now! 


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