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Neftali Sun

What Kind of Music Do You Make? (Genre) : I make Hip Hop. And I have created a style proper to me that I called ” Le Hip Hop Des Nuits Déchirées “
Literally ” The Hip Hop Of The Wounded Nights “

When did you start creating music and what inspired you to become a recording artist? : I started doing music since 1995 and I was inspired by a lot of African musicians like Fela Kuti, for they fight for Freedom and Justice.

So around 2003 I left my country and travel by land to go to Senegal because it’s the capital city of the African Hip Hop and I wanted to meet all the masters.

The journey was hard, the learning was swift but it was a process I intended to do to better understand myself and the others and be ready to translate it into music.

The results always shows in everything I did and do.

How Old Are You and How Does That Hurt or Help Your Ambitions in Music ? : I am 42 and I don’t think it’s an handicap or an advantage because Music never stops flowing from the mind of the reel.

Anyway, been older puts a lot of things in perspective and makes me understand that it’s never late to pass the torch.

Tell The Reader About Your Latest Project – what is it about – and – what inspired you to make it? : After a long period of absence due to some personal matters I decided after my two first albums to come back with a project that will summarise my experience in Africa mostly and my travels out of the continent.

In my last project I speaks a lot about how we are losing the touch with our reality but also share a great bits of my native culture to the world. To make them understand the beauty of the African Hip Hop concept.

Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS and What are you doing to get there? : I am not really a fan of projection because if I’ve learned something is that anything can happen in any moment so I enjoy the present more.

However I really see myself performing and sharing love all over the world for all these years to come.
So I put all my resources to create and provide something which will be useful to Human kind.

That’s what I can do as an artist. The rest I can’t control it.

MUSIC LINKS – and – SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES : Listen to Encore plus qu’hier. by Sun Neftali on #SoundCloud

Twitter: @Neftalisun


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