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Get Free Promotion and Support for Your Music on YouTube

As an indie artist, it can be difficult to gain exposure and promote your music without a team behind you. That’s where INFO GENIUS 360 on YouTube, comes in – they offer free promotion and support on YouTube to help you reach a wider audience.

What They Offer: We will subscribe to your YouTube channel and create a free blog write-up that includes your music, social media links, and the video we create for you. We will also post the write-up and video on INFO GENIUS 360’s YouTube channel, which has a growing audience.

How to Get Started: To get started, all you have to do is follow two simple rules:

1) Subscribe to INFO GENIUS 360 on YouTube

2) Turn on notifications

3) give the first video a like and comment.

Once you’ve completed these steps, they will reach out to you to start the promotion process.

Limited-Time Offer: They are offering this free service to the first 1,000 artists who reply, and they will receive a lifetime of free promotion throughout the MUSIC NETWORK 1063 network on Twitter. This is a great opportunity for any artist interested in real support, real networking, and real help with getting their music promoted in a professional manner.

At INFO GENIUS 360, they believe that every indie artist deserves a chance to be heard. They are committed to helping you reach your goals and grow your fanbase through their free promotion and support on YouTube. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – subscribe to INFO GENIUS 360 today and start promoting your music for free!

You can email: for more information or – to sign up for promotion <~ include as much info about your music as possible so we can submit it to the people at INFO GENIUS 360, for their video marketing service.


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The Goal is to help artist get heard while building my platform. The most difficult part of this is getting the artist to understand - we need them to support the blog for it to serve their needs. #WeDoThis

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