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What Kind of Music Do You Make? (Genre) : R&B

When did you start creating music and what inspired you to become a recording artist? : I started making music when I was around 17 but I didn’t start releasing my music until now. My love of music came from my moms side of the family and it just continued to grow. My sister Tiera Deniell and other artist such as Beyoncé, Iyla, and Jazmine Sullivan are some of my inspirations to start recording and releasing my music.

How Old Are You and How Does That Hurt or Help Your Ambitions in Music ? : I’m 20 it helps me want to go harder because I am still young and it makes me want to work harder to get to where I want to be one day if I continue to push and work hard and perfect my craft.

Tell The Reader About Your Latest Project – what is it about – and – what inspired you to make it? : My latest and first project titled Emotional Baggage is out now on all streaming platforms. It’s about all of the feelings you would go through in a relationship and after a breakup. It tells a story from starting in the relationship and ending with the song emotional baggage that you are left with after l. My own personal emotions actually inspired this project and it gave me a place and opportunity to tell my emotions through something I love witch is music and doing something I live witch is singing and songwriting.

Where do you see yourself in FIVE YEARS and What are you doing to get there? : I see myself having a loyal and honest fanbase and still releasing music. I plan on also having my own therapy business in the works as well. Five years from now I will probably still be in school getting another degree and finishing my therapy license. Music is my first love and therapy is a passion of mine as well I plan on working on both.


Instagram: Zaiiizayyy
Twitter: Zaiizayy
Facebook: Izaiah Fortenberry


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