Scott Vanover

What is your artist name? My artist is name Scott VanoverThe name comes from my middle name and my moms last name. 

What kind of music do you make?  The type of music I create is EDM (Electronic dance music) I’ve always been fascinated with Edm music. I don’t have one specific type of influence as I think there are a lot of great Edm makers out there. The process in which I make my creations is quite unique. I like to go on music apps and play around with the musical beats and loops they provide and sell and mix the sounds together to form the songs I create. I don’t follow after anyone so my production is strictly what I feel inspired to do at the moment in time I decide to create a song. I think originality is best. Do what makes you feel is right in your idea don’t copy someone else. 

How old are you and when did you start creating music? I am 35 years old and I started creating music back in 2001. So about 20 years now. 

What are your goals when it comes to your music career? Well right now I’m just taking steps to get to where I feel comfortable knowing my music is gaining the attention of the right group of listeners. I’m use to jamming in bands and now I’m doing a solo thing so it’s definitely different. 

What do you want the reader to know about you and your music? Before I did my solo music I was in a few rock bands. The first band I was in was called Defiant Souls 2001-2008. I put out a 3 track demo with them. Our first single “Make me a believer” got some attention.  We had a demo deal offer through Chamberlain music group, radio airplay deal offer from 106.5 The Eagle, and we had bookings through Erc bookings. The second band I was in was called Outpost. We recorded a 10 track album and put out our first single on YouTube called “My ex girlfriend”.  Some bands I had the chance to know are: The Cadillac Red band, Ground Zero, Clean moist air band, Crane band, Royal Bliss, 2112 tribute band to rush, Boneye, Like Father Like Son Band, Everlit, I just signed a artist development deal with Bless Up Records and im part of the artist platform called Shodement. I recently had a top10 #5 single called “Get up off the floor” on Banksradio Australia. I currently have individual listeners in 40 different countries including the USA. I’ve been  the #1 dance artist on reverbnation charts for 2 months now. My songs are played on multiple radio stations world wide. I’m releasing my first 5 track Ep June 30 2021 and planning to release my first full length 15 track dance album December 30 2021. I’m gonna be working with other bands as well cause I like collaborating and creating other styles of music. 

IG: @ScottVanover2020
Twitter: @Vanover_Scott




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