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Moka Mousse

What is your artist name? Moka Mousse What kind of music do you make? EDM, Lo-Fi, Trap, Drum & Bass. I take a lot of inspiration from artists such as Avicii, San Holo, ODESZA, The Chainsmokers. I love the positive, chill vibes that they can create. I like to believe the songs I make represent how IContinue reading “Moka Mousse”


What kind of music do you make? Hip Hop, Hip Pop, Plug n B, RnB, Trap, Rock, Soul, and Lofi. I make music that comes from a place in my life. Every song is a literal piece of my past. Most times it’s pretty straight forward but there are times where I need the listenersContinue reading “PURPDIDIT1st”

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