Tre DIgga

What is your artist name: Tre DIgga

What kind of music do you make : Hip hop , rap , easy going , anytime music

I like music instrumentals of all genres any kind of classical sounds to the more current to date songs that we have playing today that weren’t heard . I’ve always had wide range influences over the years with my music so to narrow it down to a few artists or one or two genres would be completely ludicrous for me to only say that is what influence me every piece of music that I hear influences me to craft it in my own way make it work for me. My process usually involves finding something that I can move to something like a Jonathan something I can see myself listening to his usually the first process on how I go about making a song , are there times I tried to think on the perspective of The Listener who am I marketing this song, towards the females towards the males towards both could be a kid song without swears and I don’t want to cuss in it which I usually don’t Market towards the children or we can get deeper, to the parents uncles and aunties who knows might, let’s say a certain brand of car. I tried to have an overall direction when I create a song Sometimes the direction finds me I don’t find it. As far as what people can take away from my music I have no expectations so that leaves me with no disappointments at the end of the day , I’ve wrote songs about one thing I’m a listener it’s something totally different from what I said in the song and that’s okay A lot of times the flames and new vocabulary that goes into making these tracks might not be a parent to someone else and they might not get the meaning of certain words and how they’re placed the English language is a very weird constructed language in terms of we can use a lot of words to mean the same thing, so they might all leave enlightened with different perspectives on a situation all from the same song. I’m just appreciative I’m alive in a Time where my music is a lot more accessible to the masses. Hate it or love it more or less the same to me it means more than enough to me that it just is able to reach somewhere to get something took in away from it or even an opinion made about it. But if I really have to say I wanted one thing for the listeners to take away and hopefully they acknowledge it’s only the hard work that got any of my projects in the light of day , so hate it or love it you’ll still give me an A for effort

How old are you: 30

How old were you when you started creating music: 11

What are your goals when it comes to your music career: Well my first goal is to have A music career ,hey I wouldn’t mind having the rent paid and a few of the bills so I don’t have to do a 9 to 5 Jess off of making music. My second goal is to have a successful music career when I say that I, a few number ones don’t hurt , royalties definitely putting yourself into a whole different quality of life well now you can be comfortable . my third goal it’s simply to maintain a stable successful career over a span of time by whatever means possible and however that looks like a lot of times some of these dudes get into the game yeah they you know they get that hit or two hits and then you know you don’t hear from them again they’re irrelevant and I mean that in the most respectful way possible they retired not playing not on the field and I definitely I know for myself I have too much Drive and a hunger for this like no one else in my vicinity for me it’s always been go big or go home

What do you want the reader to know about you and your music: Don’t judge a book by its cover, people hear that you do rap or hip-hop and there’s kind of a stigma on it unfortunately they automatically they assume the worst more times than not , let’s be honest this is the only career path that people will say you gotta be crazy to wanna do it cause it dont pay too much unless you working you ass off and even then .more times it dont pan out because of life and what not but u still do it cause you love it and that dosent guarantee your even making music people even actually like … so the general public look at this craft some times as a a waste of time . So wrapping up what I’m trying to say I’ve seen a lot of people just not give some artists of chance because everything they hear in the same and very repetitive and there’s not too much to differentiate between a lot of the sounds that are out nowadays and some listeners swiftly conclude that” sure it sounds the same as every other thing I hear on the radio “or every other thing that they’re mass producing and force-feeding and that’s how some artist get looked over before they even get a chance to be heard. I’ve worked hard at my craft not to be generic ordinary or like any one else give it a chance don’t knock it before you try it

Twitter : Diggatre

Instagram : Officialtredigga

Facebook : Tre digga




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