Pepe and the Bandits

What is your artist name? Pepe and the Bandits

What kind of music do you make? I make music that is easy on the ears. Catchy acoustic guitar

Pepe is a singer/songwriter from the UK.

After helping a friend move he found a very beat up and old guitar in a skip with no strings on, he claimed this magical guitar, restored it, restrung it, got some lessons and the rest is history.

Pepe also plays Piano, he looked for many years in lots of different skips but to no avail, so he had to buy one.

Influenced by catchy songs that are easy on the ear, with good strong lyrics.

​My influences have been the Eels, The Flamming Lips, Edward Sharp and the magnetic Zeros and Mason Jennings

How old are you?  51

How old were you when you started creating music? I started playing guitar in my late 20s , had a few years of lessons.

What are your goals when it comes to your music career? I just enjoy making music that people want to listen to. I also want to concentrate on Sync Licensing I’m often told my music would sound TV and Film.

What do you want the reader to know about you and your music?  I once appeared in a PC World advert “Over 1200 titles” was my part

I used to get into all music venues in my youth as a good friend was also a good friend of Prodigy members, so we used to get on the guest list as Dancers and never queued, I have seen the Prodigy live dozens of times, can’t remember many of them though 😂

I’m working on a more upbeat single at the moment “Never going to let you Go” which is being mixed and mastered by Bret Sinclair a well respected sound Engineer.

Twitter: @Jozefthemad

Instagram: @Pepe_and_the_bandits


Song Whip:

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