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Cartier MarZ “Cartier Runner”

Where did the name of this song come from? Cartier Runner came from this image I’m trying to create for myself as an artist, trying to deviate from what people think of an artist who posts on SoundCloud mainly.

How long does it take for you to write a song and how long did this one take you to write? It took me a month to perfect this song because the beat was not what I wanted, and I rewrote the lyrics a lot of times.

What is your favorite part of this song? Why? My favorite part of the song would be the first verse, it shows how much I’ve gone through and that nobody knows about it. Yeah, I have my friends that support me, but they don’t in a way, only when I post. I feel alone in this world. I love all of my brothers, but I don’t feel like they love me. The whole song is my story.

When people listen to this song, what do you want them to take away as far as the message? I want them to vibe, that’s it. Relax life’s going to be OK.

Do you think this song represents who you are as an artist? All of my songs do.

I love you all.


Follow him on IG and Twitter: @CartierMarz

“Cartier Runner” Link:

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