Aye Yo B

What is your artist name? My producer name is Aye Yo B.

What kind of music do you make?  I make beats for trap, R&B, boom bap. Even tried to do some pop and reggae. Out of the music I make I really like R&B. It just has a special groove and vibe. One of my biggest influences would be Metro Boomin. His 808s always sounded perfect for the song and he has worked with some of the biggest artist of my time. I want everybody that listens to my music to see that I don’t try to follow or copycat anybody. I bring my unique talent and i hope that everyone enjoys it because it is different. 

How old are you and when did you start creating music? I am 28 years old and I have always been a fan of the musical process. I have been producing beats since senior year in high school but recently started to sell beats and make this a career.

What are your goals when it comes to your music career? My main goal is to stay true to myself. I don’t want to follow any trends but I want to be a trendsetter. I do want to release something with me rapping on it. Would love to hear my favorite artist (J Cole) on my beat too. Also I’m working on building a brand and label so be on the look out for that soon.

What do you want the reader to know about you and your music? Music is my life. No I am not just saying that. My music can have you hype, lit, and wild but also calm, chilled and mellow. Basically I’m saying I got what you need 


Twitter: @BrianBurwell6 IG: @Aye_Yo_B_1991

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-10878035/tracks

BeatStar: https://www.beatstars.com/beezy1991/feed

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