What kind of music do you make? Electronic Dance Music
My music’s cultural flavor is Christian, positive and up lifting. I seek to encourage in my listeners feelings of faith, hope and love. I use various synths and pre-recorded samples to create my sounds. I don’t try and stick to one particular genre but my music tends to fall generally within the electronic dance category. I draw influences from Hiphop, House, Trance, Pop and Gospel mainly.

How old are you and when did you start creating music? I’m just about to turn 35 years old on the 23rd of January (the day my new single drops). I started making music when I was 18 but after some discouragement stopped for over a decade. One night as I lay on my bed it just hit me and I knew it was time to start creating music again and I started sharpening my tools again.

What are your goals when it comes to your music career? I hope to someday to be able to provide for my family full time through my music. I wish to remain humble and continue learning from the best. I want to impact my listeners for the better and make a positive difference in their lives.

What do you want the reader to know about you and your music? I’m living proof that no matter how dark it gets there is always hope. Never give up! Everyone is struggling on some level and and I hope my music adds a bit of light to your daily life.

undefinedIg: @HeLives2020  Twitter: @HeLivesCork

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4rHmHVlGJ3wpTycM4ElHu5

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3 thoughts on “HeLives

  1. Lved reading ur post it great to get encourged .. personally mucic for me is one the way forward when I’m having a bad day and god definitely created music to reach everyone no matter what ever the style …keep up the great work ..god is faithful …lv always ❤️

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  2. HeLives is a legit individual and a phenomenal musical artist! I have been a fan of his work for over 3 months now. He is an awesome supporter of indie music. He has been a key player in the expansion and success of the LGTWO movement. Super dedicated, solid artist, extremely supportive, and inspiring! I am glad to have met this individual and it is an honor to be a supporter of his craft!


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